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Government and Development Partners discuss NST1 Implementation status

Posted : 13.12.2019

December 12, 2019: The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning today hosted the 73rd Development Partner Coordination Group (DPCG), a quarterly consultative meeting between Government of Rwanda officials and Development Partners.

At the meeting, Development Partners were updated on the implementation and financing of the National Strategy for Transformation, Government of Rwanda new approach to capacity building and employment, as well as recent reforms in the educations sector.

The Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Treasury Caleb Rwamuganza, the Chair of the DPCG thanked development partners on behalf of DPCG and the Government for ending the year in a very sound macroeconomic situation.

“We have had a good and conducive macro-economic situation during this time where we registered 10.3% economic growth in the first half of this calendar year. We also successfully completed the joint review of the Policy Coordination Instrument with the IMF,” PS Rwamuganza said.

Dr Fodé Ndiaye, UN Resident Coordinator and the co-chair of DPCG pointed out that Rwanda continues to make notable progress in sustaining high and inclusive growth where this year real GDP growth outpaced expectations.

“The country is becoming a hub for various conferences and international for a for advocacy on global and critical issues such as YouthConnekt, ICASA, Global gender summit, anti-corruption awards, agriculture policy and nutrition dialog. Many development partners have been involved in those discussions, including through high representations from their HQs or countries. This is very good for positioning the country, including in the service sector and for enhancing the policy dialog on critical issues and for beneficial experience sharing,” Dr. Ndiaye said.

DPCG is chaired by Permanent Secretary and Secretary to Treasury of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and co-chaired by Leslie Marbury, the USAID Mission Director and UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Fodé Ndiaye.


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