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63rd DPCG Meeting – 22nd September 2016

Posted : 23.09.2016

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on the 22nd of September 2016 hosted the 63rd Development Partner Coordination Group (DPCG), a forum responsible for overseeing aid coordination and policy dialogue on EDPRS 2 implementation.
DPCG is composed of Permanent Secretaries from Ministries of Government of Rwanda, Heads of bilateral and multilateral donor agencies and missions, as well as representatives of local and international civil society organizations and the private sector. Its main mission is to serve as a forum for dialogue on coordination of development aid, to harmonize the Development Partners’ program, to monitor and assist the authorities in the implementation of EDPRS.
The 63rd DPCG which was the first of the FY 2016/2017, discussed a wide range of items including the budget execution of the FY 2015/2016 looking at domestic revenues and external resources performances, the EDPRS 2 mid-term review findings as well as an update on joint imihigo assessment and the monitoring framework used. MINECOFIN was also able to give an update to the members on the roadmap for SDG domestication within the government’s medium and long term development strategies. DPCG members also received update the new nutrition coordination architecture and food security situation in Rwanda.
Ms Laure Beaufils, who has been the DPCG co-chair for the past year completed her term and handed over to Mr Yasser El Gammal of the World Bank who assumes the co-chairmanship for the next year. Ms Beaufils thanked the members for the support given to her over the year and congratulated Mr. El Gammal who she expressed her full support. DPCG is chaired by PS/ST of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and will be co-chaired by World Bank and UN.


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