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    The DPM is a high-level strategic forum for dialogue between the Government of Rwanda and its Development Partners. The main objectives of the DPM are to provide:


    • A forum for policy dialogue between the GOR and its Development Partners. The Government openly engages in dialogue with donors on major policy issues and the strategic orientation of their partnerships.
    • A forum for Government to showcase its major achievements and constraints in implementing its development programmes.
    • A forum for Government to present its policies and strategic priorities for the development of the country.
    • An environment for open discussion with regard to the management of external aid.

    Since January 1995, Rwanda has organized several conferences grouping its development partners (multilateral and bilateral donors, international and domestic NGO’s and the private sector). These conferences have provided all parties with an excellent opportunity to have a frank and productive discussion of the issues facing development in Rwanda.
    The conferences have been held within and outside of the country and covered two distinct periods. The first of these was the Emergency period (1995-1999), where the main concern was the mobilization of financial resources for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country after the war and genocide of 1994. Since 2000, Rwanda’s development programme has been based on sustainable development, and the DPMs have been focused on dialogues between the government and its development partners on policies, strategies and development programmes from which, necessary funds could be mobilized.

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